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Family and Community

Jon and Niki are a brother and sister team with a desire for gardening and farming. Having a long history of growing vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs for family and friends, and making homemade jams and jellies and various preserves, it's become a family passion and commitment.

Recently, with a lot of encouragement and support, Jon and Niki will be launching  First Nations Farms.

From the Bigstone Cree Nation, they were brought up understanding the value of the land and all that comes from it. FNF is a business that prides itself in the quality of the food they grow. Their connection with the land and pride in their heritage, Jon and Niki will be working hard to bring great tasting, non-GMO, pesticide -free and hormone-free vegetables to your dinner table. You will enjoy the level of quality and taste in the foods that were specially grown with heart and integrity. Find our products in your favourite grocery store and online (...coming soon). Thank you for visiting and your valued support.

- First Nations Farms

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We Provide

Providing High Quality Foods

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