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From farm to forest, First Nations Farms is committed to nurturing the land and honoring Indigenous traditions. Join us in sowing the seeds of change.

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Reviving Indigenous Agriculture and Food Sovereignty in British Columbia

Food Security & Sovereignty:

First Nations Farms recognizes the historical challenges faced by Indigenous communities in British Columbia in accessing support for agriculture and food projects, leading to gaps in the revitalization of traditional food systems. Our initiative seeks to address these challenges by reviving Indigenous traditional food systems, processing, and resource management strategies. By promoting sustainable agriculture practices rooted in Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), we aim to enhance the quantity and quality of foods available while fostering lasting positive socio-economic impacts and promoting community health.

Background and Rationale:

Indigenous communities in British Columbia have a rich agricultural heritage, with traditional food systems deeply rooted in the land and cultural practices. However, historical and systemic barriers, including limited access to resources, land, and support networks, have hindered efforts to maintain and revitalize these traditional systems. As a result, many Indigenous communities face food insecurity, health disparities, and economic challenges. First Nations Farms seeks to address these issues by empowering Indigenous communities to reclaim their food sovereignty and revitalize traditional food systems in a way that promotes community health, economic prosperity, and cultural resilience..

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